Welcome to the Lake Dreamland Fire DepT.

We have created this site to keep the residents of our fire district informed of the services and equipment in place to protect them and our surrounding communities.


man in black jacket and black pants standing near burning fire

The Lake Dreamland Fire District is located in the southwestern part of Jefferson County. The District has a diverse population of residential areas intermingled with Industry chemical manufacturers and commercial occupancies. The area we protect is approximately 17.5 square miles. If you are a resident of the Lake Dreamland Fire District and our in need of a smoke detector Please call us.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lake Dreamland Fire Department is to work safely and diligently to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of our community from fire and other hazards. To utilize our available resources to deliver the highest possible quality of service through fire suppression and prevention, public education, rescue operations, and mitigation of the effects of natural and manmade disasters, while maintaining high standards of excellence and leadership with community services.


A brief history of the Lake Dreamland Fire Department, The Department was founded in 1931 by neighborhood farmers to protect their property and that of the neighbors. The first fire apparatus was a converted farm truck with a water tank mounted on the back. It was housed in a garage located on Lake Dreamland Road. The department covered an area from the City of Louisville, on the north, Fairdale on the east, the Ohio River on the west and the Jefferson County line on the south.

The Lake Dreamland Fire Department operates out of two stations and provides protection to the Cane Run Road area, Lake Dreamlands area includes the largest chemical complexes and petroleum starage facilities in the state of Kentucky they are located along the Ohio River better know as “Rubbertown”. The area protected by Lake Dreamland Fire Department covers approximately 17.5 square miles. This area now is smaller but covers from the City of Louisville on the North, the City of Shivley on the East, to Pleasure Ridge Park on the south and Ohio River on the West.

Currently the Lake Dreamland Fire Department is a Combination Department, We have 5 fulltime personel and 43 Volunteers, Our fulltime staff works normally 8am till 4pm Monday through Friday. We are 1 of 21 Departments that provide fire protection to the citizens of Jefferson county (Metro Louisville) in Louisville, Kentucky. If any incident is dispatch after these hours Volunteers respond after being dispatched by pagers through Police Fire and Emergency Medical Services Communications Center. The volunteers upon dispatch report to their respective fire stations to respond fire apparatus to the emergency in a timely manner.